Free short film showcase at Forth

On October 17 at 7 PM, Cinémental gives you a chance to Dive in and lose yourself at Forth (171 McDermot)!

Manitoba’s Festival of francophone films presents a free screening of four remarkable French Canadian Short films released within the last year. (Subtitled in English.)


The Beep Test, Maxime Aubert, (16 mins)

Mystery surrounds Wojtek, a new student at school. This makes him the ideal prey for Thomas and Philippe, two students looking for entertainment. Not knowing how to face his assailants, it is in gym class that Wojtek will express himself.

Upset Body, Delphine Le Courtois, (20 mins)

Gabrielle is an independent young woman. She wants to enjoy life and be in control of her choices. But when unexpected news challenge her desires, Gabrielle is forced to question herself.

Take my Hand, Alexandre Lefebvre, (22 mins)

Documentary exploring the daily life of the visually impaired, Chloe (11), Alex (17) and Salma (21) – all with partial or complete blindness. An intimate journey at the heart of their questioning of identity and of their place in this world.

Go Play Outside, Adib Alkhalidey (17 mins)

On a day off from school, Abel decides to take things in his own hands to solve his parents’ financial problems. With his best friend Edwin, he roams the streets of his neighborhood in search of loot and succumbs to the temptation of a criminal life. Through their odyssey, the two kids will have to choose the type of life they want to lead.

Cinémental 2018


October 19 to 21 at the CCFM (340 Provencher boulevard, Winnipeg)(including short film competition).

October 26 to 28 at at the SilverCity St. Vital Cinemas (1225 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg).


Tickets for all films will be on sale on line, in person at the SFM (147 Provencher boulevard, Winnipeg),  on the phone at 233-ALLÔ and at the door 30 minutes prior to every showing. We encourage you to buy your tickets in advance.

  • Ticket : $10
  • 12 years old and under for the kids’ films: $5
  • Festival Pass for all films: $55

For any information about the festival, contact our partner, the Centre d’information 233-ALLÔ, call toll-free 1-800-665-4443.