2016 Competition

Short Film Competition

Wednesday, October 12 – 7 PM

Free entry!

CCFM, salle Antoine-Gaborieau

This annual competition comes alive with a new format, featuring players from the LIM improv league! Come enjoy a selection of Canada’s best French-language shorts of the year in the amateur, professional, and Kino categories.


Amateur Category


(4 min. 35, fiction, Wapikoni mobile)

Mélodie Jourdain-Michel, co-director with the Wapikoni Mobile Team

During a storm, a young woman reflects on her roots.


L’or des femmes

(5 min. 43, documentaire, Wapikoni mobile)

Cherilyn Papatie, director with the Wapikoni Mobile Team

Prostitutes share their stories.


Late in life

(2 min. 10, animation, USB Multimédia)

Luc Clément, director

The Storybook Kids group performs for a strange crowd.


Le nouvel arrivant

(5 min., fiction, Centre scolaire Léo-Rémillard, FVM)

Max Laurencelle, Monique Vermette, directors

A new student at school second guesses his stereotypes regarding his classmates.


Les bûches de la société

(6 min. 50, fiction, École communautaire Aurèle-Lemoine, FVM)

Kaylen Bélair, director

A dishonest business tries to prove that hippies are dangerous.


Ma vie avant ce film

(9 min., fiction, indépendent)

Pierre-Marc Tremblay Grandbois, director

SHE is wondering what to do with her life. SHE will find her own path.


Mr & Mrs. Toast

(3 min. 26, animation, USB Multi-média)

Sara Barnabé, director

Mr. Toast is heart-broken, but there’s a surprise in store for him.



(3 min. 22, fiction, Wapikoni mobile)

Alicia Mollen, co-director with the Wapikoni Mobile Team

A girl finds her sense of balance by playing volleyball.


Professional Category

Amaretto sour

(8 min., fiction, INIS)

Zoé Pelchat, director

Two old friends play a special bowling game.


Le vent dans face

(9 min.45, fiction, Spira)

Alexis Fortier-Gauthier, director

Two friends, musicians, face their inner demons during a performance.


Ma lionne

(10 min., fiction, Les vrais garçons)

Gabriel Savignac, director

Louise loves her son. When their relationship is threatened, she will go to any length to protect him.



(9 min.50, documentaire, Spira)

Pascal Plante, director

A surprising visit to Granny’s.


Roots and chains

(3 min.49, animation, INIS)

Francis Lacelle, director

Refuse to give in to hatred. There is strength in one’s roots.



(9 min., fiction, INIS)

Clément Verneuil, director

On Valentine’s day, Benoit wants to be free of a long-lasting sorrow.

"Saint-Valentin" - INIS


(10 min., documentaire, Desc Images)

Caroline Monnet, director

A trip along the Tshiuetin train from Sept-Iles to Shefferville (Qc).


Kino Category

Coming soon!