2015 Festival

Twenty-Fourth Cinémental A Wonderful Success

This year’s Cinémental, which took place for the first time at SilverCity St. Vital Cinemas from October 16-18 and 23-25, was a wonderful success. In its 24th year, Manitoba’s French-language film festival attracted more than 1,500 people, who came to see this year’s best French-language films.

The audience’s favourite productions included Samba, Astérix and the Land of the Gods, Chorus, The Heart of Madame Sabali, SK1, Le mirage, Standing Tall, Avril and the Extraordinary World, Paul à Québec, Far from Men and My Internship in Canada. Below is a list of the awards that were given by the Festival.

The Gerbe d’or, or people’s choice award for best full-length feature, went to:


This story about a 16-year-old gifted singer born to deaf parents really touched the audience, who gave the film a warm round of applause. We wish to congratulate Éric Lartigau, the film’s director. A special certificate will be sent to the film’s distributor in Canada.

The Épi d’or, or people’s choice award for best short-length feature, was granted to:

Amateur category: LE GRAND CLASSIQUE, by Kirsten Fleury, Kennedy Wolanski and Nicole St. Goddard

Professional category: TORTELLINI, by Kevin T. Landry

Kino category: J’AURAIS VOULU TE DIRE, by Joshua Gastl, Hajar Naciri and Nauwa Marraki.

The Cinémental Award for best short-length feature was handed out by the Festival’s jury, comprised of Lysiane Romain, Myriam Leclercq and Christelle Dorn-Thierry. The award came with a $400.00 (professional category) or $100.00 (amateur and Kino categories) cash prize. Winning films will also be available for viewing on Cinémental’s website for one year.

Amateur category:   LE GRAND CLASSIQUE, by Kirsten Fleury, Kennedy Wolanski and Nicole St. Goddard (produced by the Festival des vidéastes du Manitoba [Manitoba Videographer Festival]). This film was chosen for its humorous screenplay, the quality of the acting, its references, and its attention to detail.

Professional category: TORTELLINI, by Kevin T. Landry (produced by L’INIS). This film was honoured for its originality, the quality of its screenplay, and the actors’ stirring rendition.

Kino category: ET PUIS J’AI GRANDI, by Matthew Hilderbrand, Samir Archur, Claudia Houngbedji and Danny-Delphine Kabanga (Saint Boniface University). This film was given this award for its creativity and the quality of the editing.

In addition, over 4,400 students attended screenings of Belle and Sebastian and Aurélie Laflamme, les pieds sur terre as part of Cinémental 2015’s school program.

Cinémental would like to thank its audiences and guests, Edgar Fritz, Jimmy Larouche, Ryan McKenna, Marie Brassard, Christine Beaulieu, Irdens Exantus, as well as Québec Cinema’s François Lemieux and Thomas Welcker.

A big “thanks” to the board members too. See you all in October 2016 for Cinemental’s 25th anniversary year!

Cinémental is grateful to its sponsors and partners for their help and financial support. Thank you to the Bureau de l’éducation française, Telefilm Canada, Manitoba Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection, Radio-Canada Manitoba, SAIC’s Bureau du Québec à Toronto, La Liberté, the CCFM, SilverCity St. Vital, Québec Cinéma and 233-Allô.