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Festival 2014 - Short Film Competition

Over 30 people participated in Cinemental 2014’s Short Film Competition, which took place on Sunday, October 19. Competitors could enter in any of three categories: AMATEUR, PROFESSIONAL or KINO Manitoba. The jury was composed of Norman Dugas, Lorraine Bazinet and Bertrand Nayet.

Two Franco-Manitobans took home prizes in the amateur category: Miguel Gauthier, director of the documentary Victor Perrin, won the public choice award, while Sophie Dumontier walked away with an Épi d’or (jury prize) for Carnaval, a fresh and funny animated film that impressed the jury with its great stylistic constancy.

In the professional category, the jury prize went to Demain et l’autre d’aprèsby Quebec director Francis Lacelle. The film, which tells the story of a fall and ensuing redemption in only seven minutes, was chosen for the soundness of the directing and acting. Francis Lacelle was also awarded a $400 prize. Cancun, by independent Quebec director Isabelle A. Girard, received the public choice award in the same category.

This year, four films were submitted in the KINO Manitoba category. All four KINO teams were composed of Saint Boniface University multimedia students. Amine Ellatify and Kalidou Sané were awarded the jury prize for Je refuse de voir la vie en noir. Thanks to their cinematographic choices, this team was able to demonstrate how life can bring us down or lift us up. Lastly, the KINO public choice award went to Dominique Nadeau, Sara Barnabé and Mohamed Rakbi for their film Je t’ai vu


We would like to thank our partner, the Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre, as well as the Saint Boniface University for letting the KINO teams use their filming and editing equipment.

Cinémental invites you to watch most of the winning entries on this page!




Victor Perrin

Miguel Gauthier, director
Documentary, Duration: 2:33

Diagnosed with the Lou Gehrig Disease, Victor Perrin shares his perspective on life, friendship and family

In French



Sophie Dumontier - director
Animation, Duration: 1:50

A young girl forces her little brother to go with her on a rollercoaster ride, without realizing the consequences.

In French




Demain et l'autre d'après (Tomorrow and the day after)

Francis Lacelle - director
Fiction, Duration: 7:13, Production : INIS

A winter day like any other day, Gabriel hopes to change the course of his life by seeking out what is dearest to him.

With English Subtitles



Isabelle A. Girard - director
Fiction, Duration: 5:00

A woman damaged by life writes her suicide letter in a motel room. Then her husband arrives…




Je refuse de voir la vie en noir

Amine Ellatify - director, with: Kalidou Sané
Drama, Duration: 1:48

A young man finds himself alone after losing his family in a house fire, but refuses to cope with it in a negative way.

In French


Je t'ai vu

Dominique Nadeau - director, Mohamed Rakbi - camera, with: Dominique Nadeau, Sara Barnabé
Drama, Duration: 2:22

While walking back to her home, a student is startled by the unusual feeling of being followed.

In French